Jeff Rushin

It’s not just the individual records that matter. It’s the moment they meet in a DJ-set. That fleeting, one of a kind space in between. When something almost impossible to grasp forms, just for a short while. Only to vanish again, remaining in the mind. It’s this feeling that drew Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Jeff Rushin to techno and what has kept him there since. In a career that now spans over two decades, he’s played throughout Europe, hitting smaller clubs, major venues and global festivals alike. Always looking to experiment with a wide range of sounds, a Rushin-set aims is warm, energetic and different every time. As a producer, Jeff is faithful to techno’s rhythmic machine-roots while also allowing emotion and atmosphere to slip through. His records are made for the dancefloor as well as the mind. He has dropped releases on a number of imprints including Weekend Circuit, his own On and On Records and the infamous Mote Evolver, his tracks getting picked up by numerous international DJ’s. Eager to play, in search of those unique moments once more.