Since the beginning of Green Vibrations in 2002 we use reusable cups. These are 0.3L hard plastic durable cups that visitors get for free when they enter the festival grounds. The whole festival the visitor drinks from this particularly cup.

The hard plastic cup can be taken home after the festival and can be used there. Green Vibrations cups regularly pop up in kitchen cupboards in the Netherlands and abroad and has become a permanent promotional tool for the festival. With our system we prevent thousands of plastics from being used only once. A sea of single used plastics on the field is something we don’t like.

For a number of years, we have been demanding the use of biodegradable plates and cutlery from our food trucks. In the build up and building down of the festival, everyone drinks from the hard plastic cups of previous years and we use plates and cutlery made of wood or sugar cane. It does not fit our identity to use disposable plastics.

We use a lot of residual material in our decoration and art that would otherwise be thrown away. These are, for example, demolition pallets, which we collect from a local company, from which we make benches and tables. After the festival there are several interested people such as artists and students who do something with it after the festival.

The next big step that we want to make, is to make the energy supply rigorously sustainable. From a baseline measurement done in 2015, we know how much energy we use before, during and after the production of the festival. We have made small steps the last few years, but in 2019 we want to take a big step in sustainable energy. Battery technology has made great leaps to meet the short-term demand for a lot of energy. This makes it possible to create a buffer and use energy as efficiently as possible. This way it is within the possibilities to provide the festival with energy without using a drop of fossil fuels. We hope that, with the help of new technologies, we can become a fully energy-neutral festival in the future.