Green Vibrations moved from its humble beginnings as a party organised by students at the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede, to a well organized festival with 3,000 visitors and multiple stages. Its blend of live acts, Djs, performance arts and beautiful decorations have evolved naturally over the course of its existence, making Green Vibrations a truly unique festival with its own distinct identity. The festival boasts four stages and an afterparty with styles as diverse as techno, psy-trance, reggae, rock, indie, drum ā€˜nā€™ bass, trap and hip hop.

Green Vibrations has a connecting and social function for the many volunteers, returning visitors and local musicians and artists. The festival has a strong local bond, but also attracts visitors from the region and far beyond.

Underground scene

Green Vibrations attracts a wide range of visitors, including (former) students, hippies and curious followers: a collection of subcultures. The festival represents a wide range of niches. Combine niches and subcultures and you talk about the “underground scene” that is well represented in Enschede. A colorful collection of different people. This underground scene delivers and requires culture, and not the well-known commercial recipe of entertainment that aims to maximize ticket sales and drink sales.

Versatile, diverse and distinctive

In everything, the festival must offer an alternative to already existing festivals in Twente. We want to supplement and not replicate. Every place at the festival fills in a piece of the puzzle. The festival has various outdoor stages, a side program and an indoor night program.

Stepping stone for artists, musicians and volunteers

We put the quality of every art form in the first place. Our organization searches the whole year to new talent. This happens at (food) festivals, club nights, breeding grounds, rehearsal rooms, studios, attic rooms or anywhere. We believe in local. We do a lot with the people we know and try to involve everyone who can to do something cool at the festival. This is done in various disciplines, namely: music, art, theater, cookery, organization and stage technology. We see the potential in talented creative people who can successfully develop their ideas with us and then develop them further. In the past we have booked several acts that were small at the time, but are now doing well in the music world.

Over the years we have seen many volunteers flourish and learn useful skills. This makes Green Vibrations a stepping stone for many. We see that these talented people are valuable to the organization and add essential pieces. Because we have a have great faith in their abilities, it gives a sense of meaning and self-confidence back. Because the organization is easily accessible, it is possible for everyone to join.

Accessible for the small purse

Green Vibrations uses friendly prices, and likes to keep it that way, so that we are accessible to people with a small purse. A ticket is available beginning from 14.50 euros and gives access to the entire festival. The festival visitor can buy a ticket for the afterparty for a few euros.

Once the festival visitor has arrived, we want to offer friendly prices. A consumption costs 3 euros, for which you get a drink in a 0.4L hard plastic cup, each year with a unique design. Regardless of the weather, free water is available at the bars. In 2016, Green Vibrations was the winner in the festival test of the Twentsche Courant Tubantia. This was partly due to our friendly prices.

Green Vibrations Foundation

The festival is led by the Green Vibrations foundation. Its board of directors consists of 3 people who are involved in one way or another in the art, culture and music scene of Twente.